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For all brides and grooms and not only, Villa Al Rifugio, provides FREE of charge a team of professionals headed by our Wedding planner, common thread, that indispensable touch that will personalize all your wedding.

The Fil Rouge

A red thread that binds every detail of your day, the element that is perhaps the most difficult to define but will facilitate you in all future choices with many cues and ideas related to the arrangements of your most beautiful day.
The Fil Rouge serves to give harmony and homogeneity to the event.
The common thread, all the elements of the ceremony (the invitations, the floral decorations, the tableau, the place cards, the mass booklets, the reception setting, the menus, the decoration of the cake, the wedding favors and whatever else) should be inspired by the style you have chosen. Identifying a style will help you make the wedding harmonious and rich in details. Before you get to identify the style, however, there is a need to know the bride and groom in depth, their tastes, their preferences. That is why we try to establish a relationship with them to help them bring out the appropriate style to realize their dream.


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The music

The music
We rely on bands, classical and contemporary musicians. Masters of violin, saxophone.

wedding car

Wedding car
We will help you find the right car.
Which one will you choose for this exciting moment?

Animation for children

Animation for children
We offer childcare for the youngest guests with specialized staff who will make sure they play.

Mise en place

Arrangement of everything related to the table setting
Once you have chosen the style and color of your wedding, it is time to lay out all the details of the hall where the wedding reception will take place.
Let’s talk about what concerns the table: centerpieces, under plates, plates and crystals, tablecloths and seating, place cards and the ever-present tableau de mariage.
You will choose the decorations with our wedding designer who will be able to coordinate everything: menu graphics to match that of the invitations, flowers and colors and atmosphere in line with your theme.

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Booking office

To visit our facility, reservations can be made at the following numbers: Mobile: +39 089 34 50 97 (B&B – Villa al Rifugio Wedding) Mobile: +39 089 34 43 65 (Ristorante Al Rifugio)
You will be guided by our experienced wedding planner, who will turn your dream into reality

Villa al Rifugio is open every day including Saturday and Sunday.

Wedding Cake

Perhaps after the bride is the most important element, which is why our wedding will create a unique cake for each ceremony that speaks of your wedding!

Transfers and Accommodations

Transfers and Accommodations
For events held at our facility, Villa Al Rifugio makes available a shuttle service to/from the center that can be used by your guests free of charge.

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Open Bar
Choosing to serve an open bar at your wedding is one of those factors that can make all the difference, in every sense of the word.

Intrattenimento, Spettacoli

Entertainment, Shows
To leave your guests speechless, what better way than to entertain them with entertainers and shows that match your wedding theme.

Wedding Favors and Confetti

The wedding favor is a sign of respect and thanks that the bride and groom offer to their guests at the end of the reception, ultimately a gift that the bride and groom give to be remembered even long after the wedding.

Our wedding planner, will create a themed setting making the final moment of the ceremony magical.

Cuban corner

Your guests will be greeted with delicious cigars and rum. Everything will be accompanied by fine chocolate cut pieces to be enjoyed at the moment and delicious chocolates. The settings will be different for winter weddings, which will be set up in the indoor spaces of the facility's halls. For spring and summer weddings, the Cuban corner will be set up in the outdoor spaces with a sofa corner allowing guests a quiet and relaxed tasting.