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The Cuisine of Villa Al Rifugio

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Handle with care to customer requests..

Chefs with proven experience will amaze you with their creations.

The facility has spacious indoor and outdoor halls to receive events, with buffet and table service.

Always sensitive to the needs of customers, the Chefs in the kitchen of Villa Al Rifugio propose dishes, exclusively VEGETARIAN. 

To meet the ever-increasing demand for cuisine with vegetable products. For the most demanding, the kitchen of Villa Al Rifugio also offers dishes for VEGANS

Our chefs

Are always careful in their choice of products, exclusively fresh and from our land.

All the food served is made in the kitchens of Villa Al Rifugio, we have always tried to delight the palates of our guests by offering tasty and delicious dishes and food, ranging from the most traditional recipes of Italian cuisine to the most innovative proposals..

Very often unfortunately it happens to serve guests with particular food intolerances/allergies, you can report the type of intolerance before the banquet, and our chefs will know how to prepare tasty alternative dishes.

Elegance and Taste

They are exalted in the dishes, a creative reinterpretation of local cuisine typically from Campania.

Our qualified chefs are always attentive to the harmonies of flavors and the right balance of dishes that, in addition to the palate, pleasantly satisfy the eye. Our chefs will advise you, from a wide choice of proposals, to surprise your guests with a refined and tasty cuisine.

La Cucina vegana Villa Al Rifugio

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